The Sherwood Forest Nightjar Project

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Where are they now?

Posted by on February 4, 2014 at 12:55 AM

As we head into what is already becoming a busy February I often find myself wondering where the nightjars are now. According to the study of Cresswell and Edwards (2013) our nightjars are likely to remain in central Africa until mid-late March. I wonder if the nightjars have site fidelity in their African wintering grounds like they do here, or whether they vary their locations? Back in the UK we are beginning to get things sorted for the new season - talking of site fidelity we recently caught two lesser redpoll which had been ringed a year ago (to the day) just a few kilometres from their new location. It would certainly be interesting if this became a common phenomenon in birds across different orders! Tags have to be sourced and we need to plan which individual nightjars to target and what configurations will be most lucrative in answering questions!

We are also planning an education project, using the nightjars as a central theme. Please get in touch with any ideas for that using the "get involved" tab on this website.

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